At FAXYN, the heart, 心 (xīn), is our foundation. We aim to inspire our customers to achieve smart and healthy lifestyles by understanding their challenges and needs; helping them find the best solutions for their home, office, or organization. It is our goal to make a meaningful impact in people’s lives -- one device at a time.


Putting our hearts into fostering relationships with our customers, our people and partners cater to what’s beyond everyday business. We are set to ensure that everyone makes an effort to be better and to stay on track. For us, it’s not just about finding solutions but working together to implement and commit to them.


This is who we are -- centered on the heart.

Company Profile

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Sales & Marketing Office

Tel. No.: (+63) 2 737 34777

Mobile No.: (+63) 917 676 8777


Customer Care & After-Sales Support Center

Tel. No.: (+63) 2 825 68777

Mobile No.: (+63) 917 656 8777


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