Electrolized Water
Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Bottle-Free?

  • Yes, as it is connected directly connected to your tap water line and filters your water from there

Is it only for households?

  • It is recommended to be placed in your households or a place where you mostly spend most of your time hydrating yourself

Does it provide hot and cold water?

  • It only provides room temperature of water

Does it have a filter replacement indicator?

  • Yes

Every when should we change the filters?

  • Micro Carbon filter: every 6 months

  • Nano Fact filter: every year

From what PH level of water does it provide?

  • 2.7-11.5 PH for cleaning, beauty and healthy drinking water

How much electricity does in consume?

  • 170 watts

Payment Terms

  • We accept cash, checks and credit card with payment terms to be discussed by a Regional Sales Director (RSD) or Business Influencer

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