Frequently Asked Questions

Basic FAQs (Hot and Cold):

What sets you apart from other water dispensers?

  • Our dispensers are POWER SAVING that consumes less electricity than your typical water dispensers and it has an eco-mode feature that turns off your dispenser when it is not in use. BOTTLE-FREE WITH ULTRAVIOLET LED BEAD LIGHT that retains its water minerals during filtration process.

Is it Bottle-Free?

  • Our water dispensers are directly connected to your tap water line.

Is it only for households?

  • Our dispenser models can cater to different markets. Our models: Standard H&C WH0120-1680 UV/Standard, H&C WH0120-1680CT-UV, Standard H&C Model WH0120-2010UV, Standard H&C Model WH0120-2010CT-UV, Premium WH0120-3000UV and Premium WH0120- 2300UV cater to households.

  • Our Industrial models: WH0120-2200UV cater to restaurants, offices, hotel establishments, and etc..


Does it have a filter replacement indicator?

  • Our Premium H&C WH0120-3000 model has a filter replacement indicator

How often is the replacement for the filters?

  • Standard & Industrial model Filters:

  1. Sediment and Pre-Carbon filter: every 6 months

  2. UF filter and Post Block filter: annually

  • Premium model Filters:

  1. Micro Carbon filter: every 6 months

  2. Nano Fact filter: annually

What is the UV (Ultra-violet) feature?

  • XYN Hot and Cold Ultra filtration with UV uses state-of-the-art LED bead as Ultraviolet Sterilizer that sterilizes water that may not have been killed during filtration process. The lifespan of this LED bead light is up to 5 years or even more if it is not worn out. It has better quality as compared to your usual LED lamps that overheat.


How much water can it provide in a household/office?

  • Standard model: 4-5 people

  • Industrial model: 10-20 people

  • Premium model: 4-5 people


How much electricity does in consume?

  • Standard model [WH0120-1670CTUV]: 90 watts

  • Industrial model [WH0120-2200UV]: 120 watts

  • Premium model [WH0120-2200UV]: 90 watts


Payment Terms

  • We accept cash, checks and credit card with payment terms


Basic FAQs (E-water):

Is it only for households?

  • Our E-water machine is recommended to be placed in your households or a place where you mostly spend most of your time hydrating yourself


Does it provide hot and cold water?

  • Our E-water machine can only provide room temperature water.

Does it have a filter replacement indicator?

  • Our E-water machines has a filter change indicator. The filter replacement indicator will light up once the filter is ready to be replaced.

How often should we change the filters?

  • Filter 1 Premium Block Carbon: every 2000 liters dispense

  • Filter 2 Functional Composite Filter: every 4000 liters dispense


How much electricity does it consume?

  • 170 watts

Payment Terms

  • We accept cash, checks and credit card with payment terms

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