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FAXYN achieves a milestone with this couple’s determination

FAXYN congratulates the great team work of power couple, Jean Jimenez and Lito Jimenez for bringing in the most sales in a week. Jean is one of FAXYN’S regional sales directors and her husband, Lito is one of the company’s regional sales managers.  During the week covering March 3-9, they were able to sell four units of XYN Electrolized water and three units of XYN Hot and Cold Ultra filtration with UV. Their hard work and determination paid off and was warmly congratulated by the FAXYN’s Chief of Operations, Maan Mendiola (center).

FAXYN recently launched its ever quality, premium and smart devices to the market - the XYN Electrolized Water and XYN Hot and Cold Ultra filtration with UV (Ultra Violet) technology. FAXYN started with two of their flagship products consistent with the company’s brand purpose. Slowly but surely, with the company’s marketing efforts, more products will be launched mid-year of 2020.

The XYN Electrolized water is a smart device that filters contaminants from essential minerals and adjusts the PH level of water to give you clean and energized drinking water. Not only does it provide energized water, it can produce cleaning and beauty water as well.

The XYN Hot and Cold Ultra filtration with UV is a bottle-free water dispenser that rigorously filters your water and makes sure it is well sanitated with the Ultraviolet Sterilizing feature that still retains its essential minerals in your drinking water during its filtration process.

FAXYN’s thrust is for the people to achieve healthier, convenient and zero-waste lifestyle as both of these devices are directly connected to your tap water line.

Published: April 6, 2020

By: GABBIE EIGENMANN, Asst. Marketing Manager


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