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FAXYN Electrolized Water soft product briefing

FAXYN’s first ever smart device was recently launched February 21 at the Lounge of the Currency Building, Ortigas. The XYN Electrolized water was introduced to the select public during a product demonstration of this hydrogen-rich ionized water machine.

FAXYN’s Chief of Operations, Ms. Maan Mendiola officially opened the event with her awe-inspiring words. We also had FAXYN President, Mr. Ferdinand Carios, welcoming everyone with his words of wisdom.

The highlight of the event was a testimonial from a firm believer of the benefits of ionized water for more than nine years now - Ms. Marlyn Kragh, one of our Regional Sales Directors.

The event was also graced by our guest of honor, our business partner from South Korea who is a water electrolysis scientist and a multi awarded inventor with 12 patents under his belt.  He gave a short talk about the XYN Electrolized water technology and its benefits.

The program ended with a short testimonial given by Ms. Venus La Putt, one of FAXYN’s Regional Sales Directors.

An open forum followed and questions were gladly entertained by our resource persons to enlighten our audience on XYN Electrolized Water’s features and benefits.

XYN Electrolized Water is a smart device that filters contaminants from essential minerals and adjusts the PH level of water to provide clean and energized drinking water, that can also be used as germicidal and beauty water – all these benefits in just one machine!

Published: April 9, 2020

By: GABBIE EIGENMANN, Asst. Marketing Manager


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