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Fresh Recruit Ice Breaker Awardees

​Who would’ve thought that our Online Business Preview would be a big help in picking up the pace at FAXYN? Our wave of new recruits was eager enough start right away to keep the company up and running. Our three newest members: Joel Amangan, Ronnie Ontar, and Lea Cabacungan were all able to sell a unit of the Hot and Cold - Ultra Filtration with UV: Standard Model. 

Alongside our newcomers, we also have Angelito Jimenez and Lilian Mabalot, both already part of the FAXYN family, have successfully sold a unit of the Electrolized Water machine and four units of the Hot and Cold - Ultra Filtration with UV: Industrial Model, respectively. These influencers surely have a knack for selling — even with just a brief background of our online marketing strategies.

Congratulations to XYN’s SkyTeam for bringing in a huge group of recruits and building good connections with a great number of customers. Your small and big victories will always be well compensated and recognized. Continue being a solutions provider to our fellow members of the society. 

Join us now, and open your mind to new beginnings and share better opportunities as our world transitions into the new normal.

Published: June 9, 2020

By: GABBIE EIGENMANN, Asst. Marketing Manager


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