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Breakfast with The President at HEAT Edsa Shangri-La

What originally started out as an incentive for our top sellers, eventually turned out to be a breakfast celebration that included our icebreaker awardees as well!

Last July 3, FAXYN’s President: Ferdinand Carios, together with the marketing department, held a program at Heat EDSA Shangri-La, to commemorate the company’s most dedicated members through an awarding ceremony. Those who were able to make their first sale were recognized. All top sellers received a plaque to commemorate their hard work and inspiring attitude. 


Among them is Mr. Angelito Jimenez of Sky Alpha who grabbed the spot as the Top Division Sales Director. We also have Olivia Villaluz of Sky Zoom serving as the Top Senior Sales Manager. Lastly, our Top Sales Agent is Leizel Layugan of Sky Achiever, who unfortunately couldn’t join the celebration, and yet was still widely recognized! These set of winners are definitely from diverse teams⁠—proving that anyone can reach the top!


Rest assured that this socially-distanced mini celebration followed all hotel protocols for the safety and precaution of everyone.

Published: July 20, 2020

By: SHARIFA BREBONERIA, Asst. Marketing Manager


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