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"After two weeks of trial of your XYN smart lifestyle water dispenser, we are really satisfied and happy... this has really been a good investment. It's bottle-free, eco-friendly, safe and clean.

- Teresita Lowe


"...As they say “Health is Wealth” that’s why we avail this product to be sure to pass through the 7 stages of filtration with UV filtration.... MORE

- Mickie Reyes Mutya

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We just got the @xyn.faxyn eWater system installed in our home! I'm so happy with this because it really fits our needs and solves a couple of problems for us! This machine produces: eWater - that is ultra hydrating and healthy for our bodies, filtered water - so we can be sure that the kids' drinking water would be safe and contain no harmful bacteria, and even beauty water! Which is also really good for Lilo's skin asthma. And another amazing thing about this is that it's connected directly to the tap water line so it's bottle-free!

- Andi Eigenmann

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"I’ve been using water filtration systems in my home for more than ten years now. I have used a few brands and recently browsed the market for an upgrade... MORE

- Marla Mariano

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"FAXYN is definitely a wise spend for our family.  We have crossed out the errands of contacting the water delivery guy... MORE

- Marlon Makasait

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... it’s crucial to be sure that the water that we consume is clean and filled with the minerals... MORE

- Kylie Padilla


"This machine, I call him Blue is such a big help in my everyday life and for someone like me who lives alone and who has to do everything on her own, having this machine with me helped me save time and again, just made a lot of things better.... MORE

- marymemary13

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"The purchase of XYN Hot and Cold Ultrafiltration with UV water dispenser by our family was timely. A month after the installation I was tested positive for COVID-19... MORE

- Leno Lantajo

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Sharing is Caring! MORE

- Chynna Ortaleza



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