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For those who want to stand out in capacity, elegance, quality and practicality


Key Features

Spun Filter

Removes solid particles like dirt and sand. It protects the ultrafiltration membrane and pre-carbon filter from being easily clogged.

UF Membrane Filter

Removes contaminants and water-borne microorganisms as well as harmful chemicals.

Block Carbon Filter

Removes harmful chemicals like chlorine, bad taste and odor present in your tap water.

Post Carbon Filter

Polishes the water. Further absorbs harmful chemicals, bad taste, odor that could still be present in the water.

Partnered with state-of-the-art filtration system

Technical Specifications

Model: WH0120-H04UV

Power Consumption

Cold: 150 Watts

Hot: 1500 Watts

Water Production: 15 Watts

Product Weight

35 Kilograms

Tank Capacity

Filtered Water: 10 Liters

Continuous Cold Water Dispense:

4 Liters (approx.)

Continuous Hot Water Dispense:

3 Liters (approx.)

10-30 Persons Service Capacity

35 Kilograms

Required Pressure of Feed Water

15-40 PSI


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